[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Jun 16, 2024  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 231 - Animal Behavior

3 credits
Prerequisite/Corequisite: BIO 125   and BIO 126  
The evolution of the brain, a structure that allowed animals to cohesively respond to stimuli and store information for future use, and accompanying sensory structures has given many groups of animals the capacity to engage in complex responses and species interactions which we collectively refer to as behavior.  In this course we will explore the physiological (proximate) and evolutionary (ultimate) underpinnings of animal behavior.  We will accomplish this goal by surveying the diversity of behaviors in animals, and considering key behavioral theories in an effort to understand and predict behaviors associated with common activities such as foraging, mating, habitat selection, cooperation, aggression, learning, and play.