2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    May 08, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

SWK 344 - Social Work Documentation and Technology

3 credits
Prerequisite(s): Junior Standing in Social Work or by permission of the instructor   
Students will learn about scholarly writing through modeling the writing of published authors. This course will introduce students to the process and protocols regarding why professional social work practice requires them to write using the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The ethics of writing, including the acceptable forms and practices of recognizing the ideas and intellectual properties of others, will be explored in this course. The course will explore the concept of plagiarism. The course contains general conventions, such as how to refer to the work of others in the body of a paper and tips for avoiding oppressive, racist, sexist, and/or homophobic language. The course will provide students with the opportunity to learn key methods regarding ways of avoiding grammatical and punctuation errors commonly found in social work papers. The course will provide students the opportunity to participate in proofreading exercises that will direct them to their personal computers to detect areas of potential problems. In addition this course explores the influence of technology in social work practice and society. Students will learn about appropriate community or direct interventions using these new technologies. Also, the course will provide an introduction to effective communication and issues related to some new computerized technologies. This course will also provide students with real-world options for communicating scholarly thinking and findings.