[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2011-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Apr 16, 2021  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2011-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Technology with Minor in Chemistry, B.S.

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Students majoring in medical technology spend three academic years at Saint Leo University and spend the fourth year at an affiliated hospital. During the first three years the student must complete 93-96 credit hours. In the third year, the student should apply for admission to the clinical program. The student is still registered at Saint Leo University during this period and will receive an additional 30 credit hours. Medical technology majors earn credits from life and physical sciences that explore both facts and epistemologies employed by scientists. As a result, medical technology majors are not required to take the two Scientific Perspective courses in the General Education (LINK) component of their program.

Saint Leo University is currently affiliated with Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, FL. Students will study under the guidance of the Medical Director, Laboratory and Medical Technology School, Larry J. Davis, M.D.; Administrative Director/ Laboratory Services, Maria Duynslager, B.A.; and the Program Director, School of Medical Technology, Dawn Tripolino, MBA, MT (ASCP).

The course sequence for biology, environmental science, and medical technology majors are available from Math and Science Department academic advisors and are also on the Saint Leo University website.

LINK (General Education) (53 credit hours)

All medical technology majors are required to complete BIO 125 , BIO 125L , PHY 221 , PHY 221L , and MAT 152  as part of the LINK Program.

Major Requirements (15 credit hours)

Clinical Program (30 credit hours)

The clinical program is taken during the senior year at an affiliated hospital.

  • MED 410 - Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology 6 credits
  • MED 412 - Clinical Urinalysis and Body Fluids 2 credits
  • MED 413 - Introduction to Medical Technology 1 credits
  • MED 420 - Clinical Hematology 6 credits
  • MED 421 - Clinical Immunohematology 6 credits
  • MED 422 - Clinical Immunology 2 credits
  • MED 430 - Clinical Chemistry 6 credits
  • MED 431 - Clinical Laboratory Management and Education 1 credits

Total Credits: 126

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